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User reviews

"I absolutely love The Speaking House™...It's fantastic for me." -- Cynthia, Phoenix AZ.


"Realtors love it! It's easy to use...Speaking House™ is a great sales tool!" Bob, Surprise AZ


"Speaking House gives me big in-roads getting me more business!" Ken, Mesa, AZ.


"We have more info to talk about. Plus, we are averaging 75-100 calls per week from the signs." Jason, Scottsdale AZ.


"I like the way that The Speaking House™ captures the caller's name and number. It saves me time and I get qualified leads. The service has been excellent!" Elizabeth, Fountain Hills AZ.


"I'm getting a lot of great leads from the Speaking House™." Jay, Gilbert AZ.


"The system pays for itself, we average at least two a month with Speaking House™." David, Scottsdale, AZ.


"Speaking House™. It's real efficient, easy to use, and is an effective marketing tool.! Tom, Scottsdale, AZ.


Sales opportunities have a limited "shelf life" and are continuously missed.  If you are providing information without knowing who the prospect is, it is not beneficial to you, to your company, or for your sales goals.  To be successful individuals must be aggressive in their efforts to find out who these shoppers are before they make a purchase or lose interest.  That's where the Speaking House service comes in.  Our service provides shoppers with the information they want 24 hours a day and the contact information you need to make more sales.  Think of it as a way of getting shoppers to raise their hand and let you know that they are on the market-the rest is still up to you!

Our service provides you with a phone number (623-SPEAKING) that shoppers call for "FREE RECORDED INFORMATION".  Callers are prompted to enter the 5-digit code, then our system will play your previously recorded message.  During the message you may prompt callers to transfer directly to you with "Client Connect" or receive a "Faxable Flyer" with information about you, your company, your product, or all of the above.  Our service will capture and report the callers' Caller ID Name and Number and other vital information then automatically email you the information captured from that call.  Plus, our system never sleeps, eats, or takes a break.  We're working for you 24/7.

Speaking House™ Features:

Branded Vanity Number: "623-SPEAKING" - that's easy to remember!

Client Connect:  Never miss a call when using our service...give callers the option to transfer directly to you-immediately!

Faxable Flyer:  Give callers the option to receive a faxable flyer.

Tracking Code:  Know what medium (newspaper, sign rider, magazine) the call came from and eliminate poor performing ads-you can be more effective and save money.

Email notification:  Delivers call detail information to your Email or SMS address seconds after the call so you can respond quickly.

Call History Reports:  Detailed information about each call to your codes-available on-line so you can virtually access them anytime from a computer-quickly. 

On-line Administration:  Members can make changes to their account quickly and easily on-line.  Once logged in Members have access to virtually every aspect of their service.