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User reviews

"I absolutely love The Speaking House™...It's fantastic for me." -- Cynthia, Phoenix AZ.


"Realtors love it! It's easy to use...Speaking House™ is a great sales tool!" Bob, Surprise AZ


"Speaking House gives me big in-roads getting me more business!" Ken, Mesa, AZ.


"We have more info to talk about. Plus, we are averaging 75-100 calls per week from the signs." Jason, Scottsdale AZ.


"I like the way that The Speaking House™ captures the caller's name and number. It saves me time and I get qualified leads. The service has been excellent!" Elizabeth, Fountain Hills AZ.


"I'm getting a lot of great leads from the Speaking House™." Jay, Gilbert AZ.


"The system pays for itself, we average at least two a month with Speaking House™." David, Scottsdale, AZ.


"Speaking House™. It's real efficient, easy to use, and is an effective marketing tool.! Tom, Scottsdale, AZ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Speaking House™?
A - Speaking House™ is a hotline with automated recorded information designed for real estate and sales professionals who need to provide prospects with free recorded information 24/7 and find out who is calling.

Q - What will people think when I call them back?
A - Most prospects are very receptive to the fact you have just called them back while they are out house shopping.  Here timing is very important - if you call them back later while they are having dinner they won't be as receptive.  But if you do follow up quickly they generally want to be helped.

Q - What are your service areas?
A - Currently we offer the 623-SPEAKING service within the Phoenix, AZ metro area. Our service is offered in the 623, 602, & 480 area codes. We also offer a Nationwide Toll Free service, 866-731-INFO, for the Continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska servicing all area codes.

Q - Do I have to sign a contract?
A - We require a 1 month commitment, after that service is month to month and you can stop at any time with a 30 days prior written notice.

Q - How Do I set up a recorded message?
A - Recordings are set up from any touch-tone telephone and faxes are uploaded using online administration.  Instructions are provided here
User Guide download

Q - How long can Recordings be?
A - Recordings can be up to six minutes in length.

Q - Do I have to buy signs from you?
A - No, But we do offer high quality signs designed for high visibility and marketing effectiveness. Plus, our signs are in stock and ready to go. This will save you time...and since we purchase in quantity we can save you money too. Our signs are designed to last since the codes will be reused time and time again.

Q - What Does "Client Connect" Do?
A - Client Connect is a call transfer. You control the process. If you wish to use Client Connect during your recorded message you need to instruct callers to transfer to you by pressing "1" or "2". Each prompt (1 or 2)can transfer callers to different phones within your service area (602, 623, 480 area codes) - typically customers have calls sent directly to their cell phone with Option 1, and to a lending partner with Option 2. You may change the phone numbers via online administration at any time.

Q - What is a Tracking Code?
A - The Tracking Code is the last digit of the 5-digit code. By changing the last number (0 thru 9) you can track up to 10 different advertising mediums such as the classifieds, real estate guides, and yard signs. Our Call History Reports separate the Tracking code in to its own column so you can quickly see how each ad is performing and/or whether it is worth your marketing dollars.

Q - Do I have to buy any equipment?
A - NO, no special hardware or software is required. All you need is a computer with access to the internet and your telephone.

Q - How long does it take to get started?
A - Your account can be activated quickly...we typically activate new accounts and codes the same day we receive your order.

Q - What is a "Faxable-On-Demand Flyer"?
A - A flyer or brochure that you can create in Word or Adobe format that is uploaded to our system and then upon request from a caller is sent from our fax-on-demand service to the callers fax machine.  Instructions are provided here
User Guide download

Q - How do I get started"?
A - Call Us (800) 506-3082 or (623) 516-2035 and we will  set up your account!